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Save an average of 10% to 60% off the cost of your prescription medications at 56,000 pharmacies nationwide for free just for signing up for our newsletter. Sign up here.


Our discount drug card is a valued alternative to traditional insurance coverage or a great supplement when your insurance plan does not offer a prescription benefit.

With our prescription drug plan there are no exclusions for brand named drugs or generics. There are no quantity limits and there is never any claim form or paperwork to fill out. Simply present your card to at a participating pharmacy and begin saving immediately.

Download a free drug card today just for signing up to our newsletter.


Our drug card offers you and your family peace of mind. The card entitles everyone in your immediate family to valuable discounts on prescription medications at retail pharmacies throughout the country.


Average savings from 10% off brand named medications to 60% off generic medications. Use our convenient drug pricing tool to check the cost of your medications at a pharmacy near you.

Our pharmacy network includes 56,000 participating retail pharmacies from Albertson’s to Walgreens including CVS, Rite-Aid, Safeway, Osco, Target, Walmart, Longs Drugs and many more. Find a participating pharmacy in your neighborhood.

Mail order pharmacy services offer the greatest savings and convenience on your maintenance medications and diabetic supplies. 

Take advantage of mail order savings and get 5% off your first order of $25 or more by clicking below.




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Your free drug card provides access to discounts on most FDA-approved prescription drugs. On average, members will save 10% off brand name drugs to 60% off generic drugs.*

Sample savings on frequently prescribed medications:

Drug Name Average Quantity Average Retail Price Agelity Price Percent Savings
Lipitor TAB 10MG 30 $97.99 $82.58 16%
Nexium CAP 40MG 30 $169.49 $145.10 14%
Zyrtec TAB 10MG 30 $79.29 $69.99 12%
Ambien TAB 10MG 30 $149.79 $125.94 16%
Lexapro TAB 10MG 30 $94.39 $76.69 19%
Yasmin 28 TAB 3-0.03MG 28 $52.49 $50.94 3%
Singulair TAB 10MG 30 $119.39 $103.00 14%
Zoloft TAB 100MG 30 $107.29 $86.03 20%
Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen Tab 5-500 MG 40 $18.99 $8.22 57%
Albuterol Inhal Aerosol 90 MCG/ACT 17 $26.79 $15.93 41%
Amoxicillin (Trihydrate) Cap 500 MG 28 $16.99 $8.17 52%
Oxycodone w/ Acetaminophen Tab 5-325 MG 40 $25.39 $8.89 65%

* Since drug prices vary, depending on pharmacy and location, please use this convenient drug pricing tool for more specific drug prices at a participating pharmacy near you.

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