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Have you dieted all your life? Are you confused about what's really healthy? You can put an end to nutritional number crunching. Imagine knowing exactly how to eat healthy on-the-go and experience the joys of eating without the guilt.


Outrageous Energy!

Less Cravings

Your Unique Best Foods


Natural Weight Loss

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Can it Really Happen?

You bet! Working with a Real Life Food coach makes it easy! Imagine a personal advocate who guides you toward your most energized and passionate life. If you’re ready to learn the tools and techniques to create the lasting change you want, then the Personal Support Program is for you.

Real Life Food’s mission is to help clients transform their lives through the power of nutrition. Our food coaches have been trained by such noted experts as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard to employ a unique holistic approach to nutrition.

Suzanne Monroe is the owner of Real Life Food, the Healthy Eating and Well-Being Lifestyle company. She is a Food Coach and board certified Holistic Health Counselor.

Suzanne helps people finally answer the age-old question,

‘What do I eat?’

Her unique approach to food and nutrition goes beyond calorie-counting and dieting in order to support people to experience more energy, eliminate chronic health issues, and make lasting lifestyle changes.


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