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We provide a number of alternative diabetic solution providers to help you find products and information to manage your diabetes.

SugarStats.com offers a free and easy way to track, monitor and share your blood sugar levels and other key statistics to help you manage your diabetes online with some powerful and unique tools using your browser.


Take the Screenshot Tour and see why thousands of diabetics start their day at SugarStats.com. Sign up for your free profile today.

In addition to tracking your numbers, we have partnered with a reputable United States based mail order pharmacy to provide you cost savings on your diabetic medications and supplies. 

Why use a US-based mail order service like PrescriptionGiant?

Mail order pharmacies dispense prescription drugs without the high cost fixed costs associated with neighborhood brick-and-mortar pharmacies. This competitive advantage is passed on to you in the form of lower prescription drug prices.

The FDA has warned American consumers that purchasing prescription medications outside the USA is dangerous and risky because it poses a higher risk for counterfeit drugs, credit card fraud and identity theft. PrescriptionGiant provides their customers with the most secure, reliable and affordable online pharmacy shopping experience.

At PrescriptionGiant they:

  1. Will accept most insurance plans
  2. Match any USA pharmacy’s price
  3. Provide FREE shipping when you spend $79 or more
  4. Provide you a 5% discount off your first order (use Coupon Code “5percentoff
  5. Offer Doc-U-Dose to take the hassle out of taking prescription drugs

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